The Auburn Indie: Student Film Festival

 Festival Header

Submissions for The Auburn Indie will not be accepted any longer. The deadline for submissions has now been reached. Thank you for participating!


Open only to submissions from filmmakers who are or were students at the time of shooting their short film. Short films can be up to two years old.

All entries must be received by email no later than March 25, 2014

There is no submission fee.

There is only one submission per director.


1.  20 minute time limit

2.  All genres welcome

3.  Initial submissions must be digital or online streaming, only

4.  Final submission will be in DVD format, upon request by selection committee

5.  Video submissions must have been produced within the last two years

6.  Mature content may be subject to selection committee’s approval


Categories: Entries will be divided into two geographical categories: Alabama and International.

International Prize: $300

Alabama Prize: $300

Audience Favorite: $200

Awards are mutually exclusive ; the Audience favorite cannot be awarded to a winner of another category.

All approved submissions will be screened within time constraints.

Any that cannot be screened will be hosted on our website.